Tarheels During the Civil War

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

George Brandt Letters Part 1

Letter from George Brandt, Company F 1st NC Vols. while at Yorktown VA. Items in brackets are mine.

Yorktown Va June 20 1861
My Dear Cousin Jacob:
            I truly regret of the troubles that has come up amongst the trio & harmmick[?]. It provoked me to such an extent that it kept me away for about 2 days. To see how shabby [illegible] about the aimfactory[?] [illegible] has been managed by [illegible] that had no business with it and I commenced to blame my self for having enlisted in this noble cause as I once thought that everything [illegible] conducted right during my absence. But I am now sorry to say that I was much mistaken. You will please to let me know by return of main who the originate [?] is that great[?] discontention[?] of hammock[?] is and who really is to blame or Henry[?] is not [illegible] enough. You will please to give your attention to Karmisoky[?] and let him refund his order to you. Let him have the management of the new factory altogether and need to keep out of the office and of the store altogether if he can not keep everything quiet and add to the good order of the store instead of in confusion. What in the devil has Salush[?] to do with Harmmick[?] Please to write me the whole particulars by return of mail. The [illegible] has been lost [illegible] … table had for the past few weeks & it is very [illegible] am not to be out & exposed to the sun. To work good  [illegible] I have every day. Bob[?] yet we all with  [illegible] few exceptions enjoy excellent health.
In conclusion I would beg you for Heavens sake see that every thing is kept in decent order, as I look to you as the most reasonable of the whole and I hope the most discreet. Give the name of the aggressor so that I can put him down in my memorandum. If I can succeed if peace is not declared soon I may get a furlough for 10 days & come home. Our Company I amongst the number have just come off guard we have all been on 24 hours with proper[?] relieved & have slept but very little during that time. I am tired & sleepy. We have guarded a Church which is turned into a prison. There were 50 Prisoners in it Soldiers for insubordination. My Station was at a Graveyard and a rainy night at that, it was in Yorktown. How would you have liked that Jacob? We are all on the look out all the time. Though at present we have but a small force here[?] about 4000 Soldiers but over 10,000 within hailing distance almost we do not expect any great Battles now until after the 4 of July if after. Please to write to me soon Give my respects to [illegible] & Alex [illegible] & tell them I am much obliged to them for the cheese tobacco & cake Kiss all the Boys & Girls for me at [illegible] Give my respects to Mrs Baker[?] & family and all inquiring friends
[illegible] your Cousin Geog

Source: George Brandt Letters, North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh, NC.

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