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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Col. Charles Courtenay Tew Letter

Was at the North Carolina Division of Archives and History on Saturday doing some research for my Ramseur's brigade project. Transcribed a few letters. Here is one written by Colonel Charles Courtenay Tew, commander of the 2nd NCT. The Hillsboro he mentions is the Hillsboro Military Academy of which he was the superintendent. This letter was written on May 9th, 1861 at Fort Macon North Carolina. Question marks are guesses on my part.

Dearest Wife,

I scarcely can miss an opportunity of sending you a letter and as Whitted? is going up I avail myself of his services.
Dr. Jones told me this afternoon that you and Mrs. J were coming down soon, and I hope it is true, though you will not see the fort in as good order as you would if the visit was postponed a fortnight. The Newbern ladies were to come anon? yesterday, but they have not done so yet. [illegible] Annie Roulhac? Finland to name our big Columbiad after her, "Annie". Several of the guns bear ladies names.
I am comfortable enough down here, but have not taken my pants off [illegible] night yet_ think of that. Mrs. T. boots and coat only are removed; to bed from 12 to 1.30 and up in time for drill at 61/2 A.M. We live right well too; I get any quantity of presents? from the officers and men, and flowers etc. from the ladies, but you need not say anything about that. What is Hamilton doing? I heard something about his going to Weldon to take charge of a company, is it so?
I see that our arms resolution has been brought up and killed in the House; I have just sent a note to Shelman? about it which you will probably see in the State Journal. Without being positive on the subject I certainly never expect to receive or accept from the Legislature of N.C. any favors, any pay, any return for services or any anything else. What turn things may take it is impossible to say, but I feel as though I never wanted the legislature to notice the academy at all. One thing is certain; I am confident private patronage enough to keep off the necessity of applying to the legislature.
By the way I wonder whether the Hearth? family have been yet brought back [illegible] that the H.M.A? is of any use to the State or to Hillsboro:
Come down and bring the children if only for two days. Perhaps you may get a free ticket; I know you would if Mr. Fisher was aware of your intention. I hope all our Cadets will pay up soon_
Yours Respectfully (have Richardson write to me)

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