Tarheels During the Civil War

Monday, May 16, 2011

James Turner Keith Letter

Letter written by James Turner Keith of Company C, 1st NCT. Transcribed by myself.

Nov. the 28, 1861
Fredericksburg, Va
Fare [?] Sister
            I reseaved your Welcom an kind letter whitch came [illegible] too hand I was mity glad too here from you an mother an all of you an glad too her that all was well an In [?] good he both I am not well yeat but is rite smart beter than I was when I riten too you beefour & Marin is her he came here the 25 I was glad too see him he has had rite good helth every sins hee has ben gone he will remain her in his compinay now this winter eny how and I expet all of the time he will go too town too day an ree turn too morrow it is ten miles too town from the camp by rail road I gowt a leter from ropers [?] last week he an [illegible] an the lidel wons is all well an in good helth an all of the pepel thar is well and in good helth ropers [rofers] will gow holm Sundy if nothing happens Georg Suney [?] has ben home a gain an back too Richmond I tould you a bout the way Col S[illegible] trebled [?] Zilpha [?] in it is sertin sow an I think rof [Ross?] will pay him good for it when gows there. [illegible] has gowt the shop [sheep] fenst in an sed he will rof Keith whether he gates it or not evry body thar is rofs frends an sey that they will see him out in eny thing that he dos I gess that bob [?] furthens [?] will lefe [?] that when he goose
Sow I will close this leter
            Tempy I will be home in less than three weeks or at Raleigh one sertin an sure for Luetenan Hardy [?] Fenell told me that he wood fix [?] for me too get of an the [illegible] told captin hines that if I was too ask him for a dis charg that he wood bee a blig too doo it for he cant me [?] now good an I will sertin ask him too morrow if I live [?] So this leter will ples mother an lidel Toney [?] honey [?] baby an I regen that I will bee pleased rite well sow I will clos you can rite too me her an if you [illegible] get all of the leters an anser them Don’t Faill too rite your wanted too have that was ded [?] it was William Stuckey.
            Tell the yales [?] howdy [?] for me I remain your Brother
Jams Turner Keith
Too Tempy R Keith

Source: James Turner Keith Letter, North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh, N.C.

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